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CNFC is a non-profit organization that assists families in transition by providing parenting seminars and workshops for children. By equipping parents with valuable skills, and helping them and their children to understand and manage the difficult emotions that accompany transition, families can focus on providing a healthy environment for our kids. We can be reached at 404-592-1257 or info@cnfc.org.



Although CNFC cannot endorse those professionals who sponsor us, nor can we guarantee a positive experience with them, professional sponsors listed in our directory have been screened for experience and professionalism, as well as their willingness to fit with our mission to provide valuable education and helpful resources to our web site visitors. Once you have experienced a professional from our site, we encourage you to rate them using our 5-star rating system so that others can be informed about your experiences with them. To do this, you must sign up to be a CNFC user (see below).



By creating a Log In ID, users will be able to rate the professional services of CNFC sponsors they have utilized (on a five-star system), receive e-mail notification about upcoming classes or group opportunities, and receive site updates that may be of interest to divorced or separated parents. It only takes a few seconds to log in and get connected!


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