REMEMBER: When two people are married to one another…

REMEMBER: When two people are married to one another, there is presumably emotional (and financial) accountability. Each partner has personal leverage with the other if the desire is to keep the relationship in tact. But once that marital bond is broken, the accountability changes and co-parents are ONLY accountable to the court order, not to one another personally. This is a tough transition for most divorced parents to make. Simply put, your co-parent is not obligated to do anything out of a sense of goodwill. Yes, it would be nice if he/she could take the high ground and be cooperative for the sake of the children, but the bottom line is that it is their choice. Therefore, it is futile and unproductive to enter into conflict with one another about issues that are tied to some sort of personal accountability. Instead, only focus on how to execute the court-ordered parenting plan effectively and efficiently. Anything else you get beyond that should be considered a gift.

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