REMEMBER: Respect is paramount to the business of co-parenting…

REMEMBER: Respect is paramount to the business of co-parenting, even when you don’t respect your co-parent as a person. Both parents deserve (1) respect for authority in their own home; (2) respect of the court-ordered time with their children that is represented in the parenting plan; and (3) respect for the opinions and input they may have regarding their children’s welfare. How do co-parents show this respect? By sending the message to children that they should obey their other parent and his/her household rules, just like they would be expected to obey their teachers and the classroom rules. By sending the message to their children that they must spend time with their other parent, just like they are expected to attend school, because it is the law-abiding thing to do. By giving the other parent reasonable opportunity to offer opinions and input, even if they don’t have final say on an issue. Maybe you divorced because you lost respect for one another, but that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect each others’ rights as parents. Your kids deserve at least that much from both of you.

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