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  • Learning the Long Game
    Parenting is hard. Co-parenting is harder. Either way, it’s not about absolutes and is definitely not black and white. It’s […]
  • When You Have to Go to Court
    Most professionals like me try to do everything possible to help clients stay out of litigation, which tends to harm […]
  • Children Need Your Character, Not Your Image
    In all of my years as a therapist, co-parent specialist, and mediator, the most heart breaking moments for me have […]
  • Narcissists in the Courtroom
    Listen to this episode of Co-Parent Dilemmas as Judge Warren Davis shares his insights about dealing with difficult co-parents in […]
  • Co-Parent Dilemmas Podcast
    I am pleased to announce that in lieu of my monthly written blog post (that I have been doing for […]
    Summer is here. I would like to challenge all co-parents this year to develop a new way of thinking about […]
  • The Tit for Tat Trap
    For some reason, I have had many parents express lately that they are frustrated with how much their co-parent refuses […]
    The meaning of word “co-parent” is elusive enough, but when you qualify it with “good,” it’s nearly undefinable. I liken […]
    I am busier now than ever before with new clients seeking help with anxiety issues due to unpredictability. But there […]
  • Three Invaluable Co-Parent Phrases
    One of the most common mistakes co-parents in conflict make is using their communication with one another to document and […]
    Now, more than ever in our history, there is a great need for everyone to view circumstances through a complex […]
  • Why can’t he just be normal?
    I recently had a mom walk into my office and she plopped down on my couch and began sobbing. When […]
  • Co-Parent Tip of the Month: Kids Want to Matter
    I witnessed an amazing transformation recently in my practice that made me think how simply kids see their parents. I […]
  • Parenting Plan Compliance During the COVID-19 Crisis
    I’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails about how co-parents should react to the COVID-19 crisis and how […]
  • A COVID-19 Message to All Co-Parents
    It seems important to talk about the crisis we’re in and how co-parents can approach it with kindness and care. […]
  • Co-Parent Tip of the Month: Ten Rules
    This month, I want to share the rules of co-parent communication that we teach twice a month in our Advanced […]
  • Nana: I Was Just Trying to Help
    (To protect confidentiality, names and details have been modified.) I first met Becky, a 62-year-old grandmother, after spending a few […]
  • Jasmine: Daddy’s Little Girl
    (To protect confidentiality, names and details have been modified) Jasmine’s mom and step-dad came to see me after attending our […]
  • Daniel: But I Hate Cucumbers!
    (To protect confidentiality, names and details have been modified) When I met Daniel, he was 11-years-old and somewhat frail and […]
  • John & Charlotte: Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?
    John and Charlotte came to see me voluntarily because they both realized that their conflict was out of control and […]
  • Olivia’s Story: You Had Me at Hello
    (To protect confidentiality, names and details have been modified) She was conceived on a one-night-stand and her parents never married […]
  • Secret Sauce for the 20 Percent
    High-conflict co-parents are defined as those who cannot fit into the roughly 30 percent who are cooperative (flexible with ease […]
  • Give Something for Nothing!
    It takes donations to provide sliding scale services to our/your clients. Here are two ways to give to us without spending […]
  • Let’s Just Call a Therapist
    “…of course the therapist would have to say something to the court…wouldn’t she?”
  • 18 is the New 15
    Teens are not equipped to handle too much responsibility. Recent research is telling us that 18 is the new 15, […]
  • Asking the Right Questions
    One of the biggest parenting mistakes you can make is in how you respond to your child’s questions or statements […]
  • Modeling Resilience
    Resilience is a dying word in our society, in my opinion. It’s the capacity to recover quickly from difficult circumstances […]
  • Giving Teens a Choice
    We all recognize that teenagers have lives outside of their parents – lives they would much rather cultivate than their […]
  • The Truth about Parental Alienation
    The phrase parental alienation has become somewhat ubiquitous in custody cases these days, reminiscent of the path ADHD and bipolar […]
  • The Step-Parent Dilemma
    NOTE: In this article, I use the phrase “bio-parent” when referring to a biological parent, legal guardian or adoptive parent. […]
  • Peace Requires Acceptance
    I wish I had a dollar for every co-parent who has told me they “just want peace” in their co-parent […]
  • Listen to Diane Dierks on News Talk Radio 106.7
    What is “healthy” co-parenting? The answer is to be realistic about whether or not you can be cooperative or should […]
  • The Power of Plan B
    Co-parent conflict is often about parents feeling frustrated by their personal differences. Chances are those existed prior to the relationship […]
  • Hate is a Learned Emotion
    Kids who are neglected, abandoned, or abused by a parent have an array of emotions that they struggle with, including […]
  • Monitoring Parent/Child Phone Calls
    A subject that comes up in many of my cases has to do with one parent requiring a child to […]
  • Kids Benefit from Different Parents
    There is an almost universal concept in parenting. I say almost since there’s usually an exception to the rule, but […]