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  • Listen to Diane Dierks on News Talk Radio 106.7

    Listen to Diane Dierks on News Talk Radio 106.7

    What is “healthy” co-parenting? The answer is to be realistic about whether or not you can be cooperative or should accept a parallel style (just sticking to the plan). Do whatever it takes to protect the children from conflict — THAT’S what defines healthy co-parenting… CLICK HERE TO STREAM THE SHOW!

  • Diane Dierks talks about Co-Parent Tips – Atlanta Divorce Team Radio Broadcast 4/22/17

    If you would like to listen to the full radio broadcast, play the audio link below.  For individual topics discussed throughout the broadcast, play the subsequent audio links. Full broadcast: Listen on SoundCloud here Introduction Info about CNFC seminars and workshops Why do some co-parents need help from a counselor? What is the difference between Parenting Coordination and Co-Parent…