Documents to Assist Co-Parents

Structured Weekly Email Protocol

Click here for a sample court order if you and your co-parent would like a structured communication protocol to become part of your court-ordered parenting plan. Having a structured way to communicate, detailed in your order, gives you a default choice in case the tension between you becomes great and you can’t seem to find a way to accomplish the necessary business needed to execute your court-ordered parenting plan (e.g. major decision-makhoneing). Just like everything else in your court order, it will be your default position in case either of you begins to feel that the communication between you is toxic instead of practical and helpful.

Court Order Language for Cell Phones

One of the issues that causes co-parents a lot of conflict is deciding how to manage rules around cell phones for children, as well as structuring communication with children while at the other parent’s home. We have developed court order language to address the areas that often create the most conflict. CLICK HERE for a copy of the rules that may use in whole or in part if you anticipate having conflict in this area.

Final Decision-Making Language

Does your court order include language about how you will make decisions in major areas when you and your co-parent don’t agree? Consider using language that gives you better guidance than simply having a “good faith discussion” with one another. CLICK HERE for a suggested paragraph and guidance.

Navigating Family Change Workbook

This is the workbook CNFC uses for its online Basic Seminars and Advanced Workshops. It is free to download here as a PDF, or you can purchase it for $10 on Amazon, if you prefer the printed version.

PDF Version (FREE to download):

PRINT Versions ($10.00 each):