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  • When You Have to Go to Court

    When You Have to Go to Court

    Most professionals like me try to do everything possible to help clients stay out of litigation, which tends to harm families more than help them. However, there is a certain percentage of cases that desperately need the assistance of the court, and when that case is yours, it can create the worst anxiety ever! The…

  • Children Need Your Character, Not Your Image

    Children Need Your Character, Not Your Image

    In all of my years as a therapist, co-parent specialist, and mediator, the most heart breaking moments for me have been when children have said things like: >>Why does my dad brag about me in public, but tear me down at home? >>My mom said she can’t lose custody of me because what would people…

  • Narcissists in the Courtroom

    Narcissists in the Courtroom

    Listen to this episode of Co-Parent Dilemmas as Judge Warren Davis shares his insights about dealing with difficult co-parents in his courtroom. To listen on your favorite platform (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.), visit or listen below:

  • Asking the Right Questions

    Asking the Right Questions

    One of the biggest parenting mistakes you can make is in how you respond to your child’s questions or statements about divorce or your co-parent. Too often, parents engage in defensive or factual answers that don’t get at what the child really cares about. Here are a few examples:   “Mom said that if you…