The Center for Navigating Family Change offers two courses for divorced and separated parents, as described below.


Navigating Family Change is a 4-hour seminar for parents developed by CNFC and designed to create awareness for participants and is presented in a lecture format. The goal is to share information about the unique perspective of children experiencing their parents’ divorce or other significant family transition, thereby enabling parents to be more appropriate and helpful in their actions and responses. This parenting seminar focuses on the developmental needs of children, with emphasis on fostering the child’s emotional health during periods of stress. The program is informative, supportive, and directs people desiring additional information or help to appropriate resources. The course content includes:

  • Responding to Children — how to talk to them to assist in their emotional adjustment to parental separation or divorce; and so they can stay out of the parental conflict, preserve their self-esteem, and simply be children
  • Leaver/Leavee — the emotional impact on each parent after separation or divorce and how it affects the children
  • Grief Process — how to recognize the stages of grief in self and family members; and how to respond to family members in the different grief stages
  • Co-Parenting — the importance of approaching co-parenting realistically and setting appropriate boundaries to minimize conflict
  • Parenting Plan Basics — the importance of a clear and detailed plan and how to incorporate elements to best execute a cooperative or parallel co-parenting style
  • Child Development — considering the above subjects given the various stages of child development


Cost is $50/person. Seminars are offered several times per month in English, and once per month in Spanish. Saturday and evening classes are available. Click on the below links for registration information.

Anyone from any county can attend and cost is $40-$50/person, depending on the option you choose. A court order is not required. Space may be limited.


Advanced Issues in Co-Parenting is a 4-hour workshop developed by CNFC and designed for individual co-parents (attending separately from their co-parents) to assist them in learning and using skills to communicate effectively with their co-parent as prescribed by law and their court-ordered parenting plan. The goal will be to assist parents in learning and practicing co-parent communication skills as well as understand how each individual co-parent can use the information learned in the workshop to minimize co-parent conflict regardless of the other parent’s words or behaviors. The course content includes:

  • Focus on Quality Parenting — how to set parenting goals for their children that they can use to motivate the quality of their own parenting and the way in which they co-parent with the child’s other parent;
  • Effects of Conflict — how co-parent conflict hurts children and how undermining their co-parent’s role and relationship with their children may have detrimental long-term effects on their children;
  • Practical Tools — participants learn a structured e-mail communication protocol they can use either with their co-parent or individually to communicate to their co-parent;
  • Skills Practice — assists participants in exploring how they contribute to co-parent conflict in their own communication and to learn more respectful ways to conduct communication to execute their court-ordered parenting plan successfully and with minimal conflict.


Cost is $100/person. A court order is not required. Space is limited to 10 participants per class, so early registration is suggested.

To register for Advanced Issues in Co-Parenting, follow the link below:



The Center for Navigating Family Change does not offer groups for children who are experiencing family change, but there are numerous opportunities in the community, including at your local elementary and middle schools. If your local public or private school does not offer support groups for children of divorced or separated parents, the following community/church groups may be an option for you:

Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K) 12Stone Church, 1322 Buford Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30043. Contact Jen Skarda at 678-230-7403 or e-mail: Classes meet for 13 weeks. Child care is available.

Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K) Peachtree Corners Baptist Church, 4480 Peachtree Corners Circle, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092. Contact Susan Rutledge at 770-448-1313 or email: Classes meet for 13 weeks. Child care is available.

For information on other DC4K groups in your area, click here.

Rainbows for Kids Helping children cope with divorce. For Atlanta groups, go to the Find a Group page.