Christine has over thirty years’ experience in the various aspects of the Family Law arena, from participant, attorney, Guardian ad litem, certified family law mediator and Parent Coordinator.  Christine graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science from Florida International University.  She then began her Juris Doctor at University of Miami and graduated from Emory University in 1990, obtaining her J.D.   In 2016, Christine attended the AFCC training in parenting coordination at Loyola University School of Law in Chicago.  Christine’s practice is located in Sandy Springs and is dedicated to family law.  Christine represents parties in divorces, modifications, and cases involving custody including legitimations and paternity actions as well as serving as a parent coordinator.  Christine’s focus in her practice has and will always be the children.  Christine strives to help her clients understand that you can still work together after a divorce to be great Parent.  When you work together the winners will always be the children.

Christine may be reached at 404-631-6300 or