Janae Combs

Janae Combs, LPC

Janae is CNFC’s Executive Director. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor also in private practice, and works with teens, adults, and families, with a focused specialty on working with Couples. Janae earned her Masters of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Argosy University in 2003. Janae’s work experience includes various environments; including (but not limited to) psychiatric hospitals, emergency crisis, residential facilities, support services, and child placement agencies.  Janae has previously served as the Assistant Director and the Director of Therapeutic and Community Services at an agency whose primary focus was children and families in crisis. Her job duties included personnel management, assisting and directing interns, and working closely with family therapists. Her desire to join a group practice resulted in the birth of Changing Perceptions, where she was able extend her experience and knowledge to the general public. Janae is thriving in her private practice; working in closer contact with individuals is her true passion.

Janae uses a growth-oriented approach in helping her clients create positive life changes. These changes will inevitably enhance and build on their existing strengths, insights, and skills while they cultivate new ones.  Janae truly believes that most people instinctively know what is best for them and their situation. However, she understands that sometimes we do not follow our instincts for a variety of reasons; including (but not at all limited to) situational circumstances, unhealthy relationships, and low self-esteem. Janae’s therapeutic experience serves as a motivator to reach the root areas of concern in order to ensure her clients’ growth, stability, and overall wellness.

Contact Janae at 404-592-1257 or janae@cnfc.org