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  • Olivia’s Story: You Had Me at Hello

    Olivia’s Story: You Had Me at Hello

    (To protect confidentiality, names and details have been modified) She was conceived on a one-night-stand and her parents never married — not a great love story for the child to remember. Nevertheless, Olivia had adjusted to a 50/50 custody schedule with her parents by the time she was two. I first met her when she…

  • Give Something for Nothing!

    Give Something for Nothing!

    It takes donations to provide sliding scale services to our/your clients. Here are two ways to give to us without spending a dime: AMAZON.com — instead of going to amazon.com, copy and paste this address into your browser every time you shop: smile.amazon.com/ch/58-2497206 Then, just shop like you normally do. Nothing is different. Amazon will donate a percentage of…